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Ubuntu Developer Summit (UDS) – Day 1

Today we started the UDS with a first plenary session with Jono Bacon and Mark Shuttleworth speaking… Then I joined some sessions of the day and in particular:

All this come with great coffee breaks and a final dinner offered by Freescale in the “Meet & Greet” event where I met and talked with many Italian Canonical workers like Andrea Cimitan, Marianna Raffaele and Alberto Milone and the community member Paolo Sammichele.
I also had my first chat with Mark Shuttleworth that I thanked for the opportunity and for everything that is possible thanks to its investment… He tanked me back. What a cool person!
Another great social moment!

Some other few photos here.

PS: My bag, lost by Alitalia (!!!) in the flight, has been found and brought to me!

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