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Remains of winter …

asmundur posted a photo:

Remains of winter ...

At last I had some time to go out shooting after work. I spent most of it in the harbour of Grindavík watching the fishermen bringing home the catch of the day. I didn’t manage to get any decent shot of the action there. On my way home I made a brief stop at this place in Straumsvík, a stonethrow away from the aluminium smelter which greets all foreign visitors on their way to Reykjavík.

I spent way to much time processing this one and may have overdone it a bit. But I enjoyed my self being outside watching the first signs of springtime.

The process is way to long to describe here. But basically this is an HDR of 3 exposures with polarizer filter. I used photomatix for the HDR and then photoshop to work contrast into every part of the image, mainly with curves and some manual blending in of the 0EV exposure.

I’d also like to thank you all for your valuable input on my recent uploads.

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