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Ubuntu Developer Summit (UDS) – Day 5

And here we are to the latest day of my first UDS... The fifth day of conference was a little bit less intense than the previous ones since some of the Canonical employees (especially the ones of the design team, who were in Budapest since the previous week) had already left the summit :(.
However, those are the sessions I joined:

Then we had our latest lunch of the UDS provided by the Corintia Hotel that I had with the Italian Andrea’s ( Andrea Cimitan, Andrea Azzarone and Andrea Grandi) plus the Canonical’s Marianna Raffaele.

Soon a new plenary started with some “Lightning Talks”. I loved the best the one by the Vancouver LoCo (which created Ubuntini) about their great LoCo experience with suggestions about how to make and enforce ubuntu communities; the one about the new launchpad features (more ajax and so on) that will be available to launchpad beta testers starting from May 23rd; the one by the awesome Jorge O. Castro about the management of the community wiki with the rallying cry «DELETE SOMETHING!» and the plenary oath «I will delete at least 5 wiki pages on next cycle!»; and finally the one about the very nice PKGme tool for easy-packaging!

After that we Italians rejoined to take some pictures together since Cimi was leaving the sessions too. Then, after some shopping at the “live” canonical shop, I and Azzarone joined our latest desktop session called Default Apps Discussion about the inclusion of applications in the CD (and so installed by default)... For sure the “Computer Janitor” will be removed (it’s not that loved by users).

The UDS final session, was a new plenary ( UDS Wrapup ) driven by Jono Bacon in with acknowledgements to all the UDS participants and to the ones who made it possible (like the front-desk girls). After it, we found also the time to stop Mark to take a picture with him and to ask him to sign my UDS badge.

The UDS was quite over, but we still had the latest social event! So, after the regular SPA time, we joined the UDS Party at the Orfeum Club! There we had a buffet offered by Amazon web services (thank you! :)) followed by music played by some Ubuntu / Canonical members acting like rock stars! :)
It has also been a great time to say bye to all the cool people we knew there, while drinking beers or wine taken at the open bar (thanks, again! :)) and singing together at the karaoke which lasted until the 3 a.m. (with performances by Jono Bacon, Mark Shuttleworth and many, many others including Andrea Grandi too)!

We went to bed so tired (sleeping more than 5 hours at UDS is very hard!), but also so delighted about this extraordinary experience!
On the next day, after a nice walking-tour in Budapest, and some good Hungarian food we said bye to Marianna Raffaele (whom we stressed every day! :)) before flying back to Italy.

My first UDS was was simply awesome.
Thank you Canonical, thank you Ubuntu…

I’ve also updated my flickr photo set with the latest shoots, give it a look to see also your ubuntu heroes in action when it comes to have party!

The Ubuntu band playing at the party

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