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Ubuntu Developer Summit (UDS) – Day 4

And here we are to the forth day of discussions and work at the UDS! My morning started just with another “British/American/Italian” breakfast composed by eggs & bacon, pancakes, croissants, milk… So, quite hard but the hotel’s morning meal is so good that I can’t avoid all these things! :P

After grabbing all the needed energies I need (yes, with a “little” extra, I know; but UDS is not the right place for going to a diet), I joined these sessions:

Just a fun fact about the default mail client session… After few minutes that the session was running, also Mark Shuttleworth joined our discussion room and, since that room was so full, he had to find a place to stay really close to me (that I was sitting on the ground!)... So I just practically was at the Mark’s feet [pic]!
Then I had a launch with the Italian Canonical employees Alberto “tseliot” Milone and Giuseppe “Cippa” Paternò. Nice meal, especially for the good company!

As always, after the launch, it’s time for the plenaries. Between the others, there was the “The future of the universe, continued“ session by Matthew Paul Thomas, MPT (the main member of the design team) about the ubuntu vision and future: really brilliant! I guess that in few days there will be a video too. You can’t miss it!
Then it was, finally the moment for the UDS group photo! A really great moment: all the UDS members in a single photo, awesome! I’m just waiting to see it!
After that, the sessions continued, and I joined:

After the sessions and a very bad experience with the KeySigning party (it’s too way a ridiculous event, in the way is done, loaded by exaggerated fake-bureaucracy!), I, Andrea Grandi and Andrea Azzarone went around in the Budapest city to have a dinner and meet people… I didn’t ever think that Budapest is a so great place for the nightlife... Ok, I never lived for long in great cities, but Pest (at least) seems fine also during the week and in late night.
After a nice time sitting in a garden full of young people drinking and chatting, we went back to the Hotel’s nearest bar, where all the Ubuntu and Canonical people are always meeting for chatting and drinking beers.
There, after some discussions about Openmoko, gwibber, vala, and the fight vi/emacs (it can’t miss in a linux conference) with Ken Vandine and Paolo Pisati we had a really great time with the Canonical OEM team (including the cool Florian Bocault and Michael Frey) making fun about the way we Italians speek english and kidding about other typical stereotypes, but also talking more serious things (really?!?) like politics, taxes, ethics and so on with people coming, mostly, from USA (and so, with a quite different way to look at these themes)...

Really great times! And yes, we were a little drunk! :D
By the way can find some new pictures in my updated flickr UDS set.

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