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Ubuntu Developer Summit (UDS) – Day 2

Just a quick report for another great day at the Ubuntu Developers Summit. This morning I woke up just a little later and, after a fast american/english/italian breakfast :P, I started joining sessions…
Today there was too way much sessions to join, so I had to choose where to go, following the other interesting sessions via EtherPad...

By the way, here’s my list:

And… Last, but not last (in fact, it should be the “first”):

Where me and Andrea Azzarone were the session managers with Jorge Castro, Jason Smith and Neil J. Patel... I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E! I was not thinking to drive a session ever, but the magic Castro (our Coach! :P) gave us this opportunity (and the session was video-recorded too!)... After expressing our ideas, we also got the chance of becoming reviewers of other bitesizers for the next Ubuntu cycle! Great!
We had also a very touching moment... In fact, while speaking, Mark Shuttleworth suddenly joined the session, he stopped all us and he said: «Thank you very much for your contributions, you’re awesome… Thanks… The community is great!» OMG... Simply unbelievable!

Then I and Andrea Azzarone, we had some relax time in the fabulous pool and SPA of the hotel having a swim and a sauna session! :P

Before going back to the UDS plenary room, where the Linaro Showcase was going on, I had the luck of meeting Mark Shuttleworth while walking to get to the elevator… Oh my God!!! He asked me how I was going and we took the elevator together (those are the classical things you never expect!)... During the journey we cheated a little (also if I was a little worked up) about the event that was going on…
All this is totally incredible, and I would have never expected something like this, just few months ago!

As always the dinner was good… Too good in fact, and full of sweets, so I and Andrea Azzarone went for a walk in Budapest as a digestive… Well, to feel better we just walked something like 10 km sightseeing the Hungarian Parliament and crossing the Chain Bridge... Great!
When we come back to the Hotel, we found Andrea Grandi cheating with some MeeGo community people, we joined him and we grabbed some beers (as usual, here!).

Finally we had a new chat with the Stakhanovite Andrea Cimitan, very tired by its design work and again with our “coach” Jorge O. Castro who nominated us his ubuntu «Italian Stallions» :D
Glad to be them!

If you want, give a look to the updated flickr photo set to see us in action!

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